Almond Butter 100% raw no additives or sugar

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Almondie Almond Butter and Almondie Almond Milk Concentrate is one product. Since Almondie Almond Butter is a unique product made from peeled almonds it can be used as a concentrate for making the purest almond milk. Enjoy the smooth, nutty taste and numerous health benefits of Almondie Almond Butter – the only 100% pure almond butter on the market that is totally raw and unpasteurized! Almondie is made from high grade, sustainably grown California almonds that are peeled without any heat or chemicals, removing acid and enzyme inhibitors for easy digestion. Almonds are then ground raw using our unique cold-press process without the addition of any sugar or additives to preserve the nutritional value of raw almonds. Almondie can be eaten as a creamy spread or can be used or as an almond milk concentrate – simply add water to make the purest naturally sweet almond milk beverage available today! Almondie’s tremendous health qualities are especially beneficial for those with digestion problems, the elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, colicky babies, and as a nutritional supplement for bottle-fed babies. Almond Milk: Enjoy the delicious, naturally sweet taste and numerous health benefits of Almondie Almond Milk Concentrate – the only 100% pure almond milk on the market that is totally raw and unpasteurized! Simply add water to make a delicious protein and calcium rich milk substitute for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or are unable to digest soy. Unlike other almond milk products on the market that are made from a combination of pasteurized almonds, sugar, water, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, Almondie is the only 100% pure, raw choice without any additives, preservatives, or chemicals! Enjoy!!!


100% pure peeled California almonds.

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