3 Tips for the Farmers Market from Chef Alice Waters

Alice Waters is the original California cuisine chef and owner of Berkeley, California restaurant Chez Panisse. She’s a huge supporter of locally-grown, organic food for over 40 years. In this NY Times video, Alice gives us tips for the farmer’s market. Here they are:

Browse First, then Buy

Browse the entire market’s offerings before you buy, survey all the food and note what really speaks to you. After your first pass, go back to the foods that struck you; revisit the colors that caught your eye and aromas that aroused your senses.


Seek Organic, Appealing, Fresh and In-season

  • Organic foods — chemical-free means pure and more nutritious
  • Foods that strike you — what looks tasty and appealing?
  • Green tips and leaves usually mean freshly picked, no brown ends
  • Foods in season


Engage the Farmers

Tell them what looks beautiful, or ask what’s tasty to them right now. Their insight and knowledge of the entire food process can steer you to new tastes and fresh pickings


Find a market near you

Visit Local harvest.org

Comments & thoughts

  1. Mary says:

    I love these tips for picking the best fruits and vegetables from farmers markets. Surveying everything on the first pass is smart, eyeing what looks good and what to come back to when you’re ready to buy.

    We live in San Francisco and there are markets every weekend in almost every neighborhood, which makes walking to these markets very convenient — and good exercise, too.

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