Good Teas to Reduce Crohn’s Inflammation

When it comes to anti-inflamatory foods, I tend to follow Dr. Weil’s advice. Have you heard about this independent living Yaphank, NY? She works at an assisted living facility similar to that one, so she needs to look after the dietary needs of senior citizens on a daily basis. Her biggest recommendation? Drink tea! Tea is one of the healthy foods that can really help you throughout the day, keep you feeling good and keep you properly hydrated, and is beneficial regardless of your age.

I always drink tea instead of coffee, which can leave me feeling jittery or acidic in my stomach (and it’s a really bad GERD trigger food!) So instead I try to drink a few cups of good tea throughout my days. You can’t go wrong with a high-quality green, white or oolong tea.

  1. Chamomile stops spasms in the smooth muscles lining the stomach and intestines, and contains chemicals that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic
  2. Green teas are high in antioxidants and other vital properties (Dr. Weil lists his favorite 9 here)
  3. White the least processed form of tea and greater antioxidant activity than green tea
  4. Oolong has similar antioxidant properties of green and white teas, some studies showed people lower their blood sugar levels by 15-20%

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  1. Álvaro says:

    Turmeric/ginger tea by Nishi — try it.

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