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The paleo diet proves with evolutionary history that the foods our ancestors ate were lean meats, vegetables and fruits; not refined and extracted sugars, corn, beans, grains or bread. The fossil record shows that when we started eating grains due to agriculture (around 10,000 years ago) our bone density dropped and we started to develop bone diseases and immune diseases.

I tried the paleo diet for just 2 weeks and already all of my Crohn’s and Gerd symptoms have completely stopped. The day I started the diet I had bad Gerd, but as an experiment I stopped taking Prilosec. Over the next few days I was surprised to have no symptoms; the burning in my throat stopped, as did the pains and cramps throughout the day.

In the coming months this web site will shift focus from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to information about the paleo diet as I think it’s a much better approach to controlling Crohn’s disease and reducing inflammation. Consult your nutritionist to know which is a more appropriate diet for you.

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  1. Chip says:

    I found the SCD diet totally worthless. Palio keeps my Crohn’s and food sensitivities under control far more effectivly! I find I can “cheat” if I rotate grains occasionally. Be careful of Spices, some can be insidiously dangerous.

    Multi-fistulous Crohn’s for 35 years, 4 bowel resections. Eye disease and “Crohn’s arthritis” “cured” using food rotation/elimination diet.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am trying to stay on the SCD diet but it is SO hard. After two and a half weeks of strick compliance I haven’t seen a huge change. Feeling sorry for myself and frustrated, I broke down and had a Mike’s Hard lemonade and gummie bears. Of course now my tummy is completely out of wack. Help! Maybe I should try Paleo?

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I’m just starting the Paleo diet in my Crohn’s adventure. I hope you’ll join me as I share recipes, tips for eating healthy and other helpful info I find along the way.