Sunfood Black Mission Figs, Dried, Raw Organic

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Dried figs are a delicious snack, and they are also one of the best fruits for internal cleansing. Dried figs provide an exellent source of fiber, and have been used for thousands of years to help stimulate the digestion. Figs are a highly mineralized sweet fruit, and contain one of the highest concentrations of calcium of any food. Dried Figs also help dissovle mucus and promote the buildup of freindly acidophilus bacteria in the digestive system. With their dense, fruity sweetness and their high content of crunchy seeds, dried figs blend up perfectly in cacao smoothies. Indeed, since figs are such a great source of calcium, they make a perfecdt match for the high magnesium content of raw, organic cacao beans. Figs also make a great addition to salads. For a super calcium boost and one of the best recipes for internal cleansing, consider adding slices of dried figs to any salad along with olives. Both olives and figs are excellent sources of this vital mineral, and they both help to soothe the digestive tract and dissolve mucus. “Dried figs are probably the healthiest choice of all dreid fruits. They are the most alkaline of dried fruits and probably the most mineral-rich as well.” – David Wolfe, in Eating for Beauty. Our Black Mission Figs are unsulphured and unfumigated. These figs have been grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, and come to you totally free of preservatives.


Raw, organic, sun-dried Black Mission Figs

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